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Coach Dale Brown

  • 2x College Basketball Coach Of The Year
  • College Basketball Hall of Fame (Class of 2014)
  • Best-Selling Author & Motivational Speaker
  • Dubbed “America’s Greatest Motivator” by Norman Vincent Peale
  • Minot names courts after LSU coaching legend Dale Brown (link)

“Coach Brown is one of my heroes, he speaks with passion and because he taught me to listen, they say I am the best big man ever.”

Shaquille O'Neal, Pro Basketball Player

“If heads of states throughout this troubled world of ours had real concern and consideration for others as Dale Brown, I doubt if our racial, religious, and political problems would be a major issue. He is, without doubt, one of the most inspirational speakers and motivators that I have heard or been around.

Legendary Coach John Wooden

Speech on Moral Courage at US Naval Academy

Courage sustains itself in the face of difficulty and finds strength to persevere boldly to face danger, threats, uncertainty, fear, and intimidation. Maya Angelou once said, “Courage is the most important of all virtues, because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.”

About Coach Brown

Dale Brown has been serving up grand slam programs to audiences throughout the world. As a professional speaker, he works with organizations that want to achieve success and inspire a winning attitude towards work and towards life. Dale Brown is recognized as one of the most accomplished and gifted speakers in the world and his gift for motivating both teams and individuals is legendary. As a basketball coach at Louisiana State University for 25 years (1972-1997), he appeared in 15 straight national tournaments and is the winningest coach in LSU basketball history. He led teams to 17 consecutive non-losing seasons. Only four coaches have won more conference championships than Coach Brown and he has won conference championships in three different decades. He has led his teams to two Final Fours and four Elite Eights. He was named SEC Coach of the Year or runner-up nine times and was twice named National Basketball Coach of the Year.

His speeches before hundreds of corporations have earned him the title of “America’s Greatest Motivator” and he has been rated by many as “The best in his field.” He is a fiery competitor and he knows the exhilaration that comes from winning. His philosophy is based upon winning, leadership, conviction and personal growth, whether it is a small company, a giant corporation, a group of athletes or a single individual.

“Coach Brown has lots to say and says it extremely well.” – Zig Ziglar


Brown is a breath of fresh air with a lightning bolt message that can fire up any meeting and inspire everyone to do their very best. He is one of America’s most dynamic speakers and some say he is the best. He will tailor his speech to meet the specific needs of any group.

World renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews, whose list of celebrity patients reads like a who’s who of bionic men and women says he turns to Dale Brown when he needs his spirits lifted.

A sample of his speeches is listed below.

  1. How Do We Find Success And Happiness? – In order to find success and happiness, we must get over the four major hurdles of life, which are: I Can’t, Failure, Handicap, and Know Yourself.
  2. We Are All In This Together – The best potential of me is we and as a team working towards a common goal anything is possible. You get because you give.
  3. The Fifteen Notable Characteristics Of Great Leadership – A common quality of great leaders through the ages is they can see things which are not yet there and can relay this image to others.

Dale Brown Speech To 11,000 Visalus Employees in Los Angeles, California

What can we do to give our life a richness of meaning and purpose? We can only find true success and happiness byfacing the many challenges of life.. We can overcome these challenges if we have the commitment and discipline to really want to do it. Commitment and discipline are the spinal cord of success. A feeble effort to improve will only lead to failure. Until you are fully committed there is always hesitancy. When our focus changes our life will change.

William James one of Americas great philosophers said, “The greatest discovery of all time is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.”

“Dale Brown is one of the most fabulous motivational speakers I have ever heard. Not only does he speak about motivation, he lives it every day.”

Bob Richards - 3x Olympic Medal Winner & World-Class Motivational Speaker


Coach Dale BrownLSU Coaching Career
Coach Brown is the only SEC coach to have appeared in 15 straight national tournaments and is the winningest coach in LSU basketball history. 111 of 160 of Brown’s players received their college degrees.

Brown and Rupp are the only SEC coaches that had 17 consecutive non-losing seasons and Brown was the only coach in the nation to have ever increased his number of victories six years in a row from 1976-81. From 1977-1986, LSU is the only school that finished in the first division of the conference. The 1981 LSU team is the first team in SEC history to win 17 consecutive league games in one season. Only four coaches in SEC history, Adolph Rupp, Joe Hall, Billy Donovan and Tubby Smith won more conference championships than LSU’s Brown. Brown and Rupp are the only two SEC coaches that won the conference championship in three different decades. Only seven SEC coaches have led their teams to two Final Fours or more. They are Dale Brown, John Calipari, Billy Donovan, Joe Hall, Rick Pitino, Nolan Richardson and Adolph Rupp. As well as mentoring Shaquille O’Neal, Brown coached a bevy of NBA first-round selections, and has the distinction of beating Kentucky more than any coach in history.

On nine occasions, Brown was selected as the SEC Coach of the Year or runner-up and seven times he was voted as the Louisiana College Basketball Coach of the Year. On two occasions he was chosen as the National Basketball Coach of the Year. He is a member of the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame, the Louisiana Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame, National Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame and was inducted as an SEC Living Legend.

Coaching Prior to LSU
He began his coaching career as a high school coach, teacher and principal in North Dakota. Brown is a member of the North Dakota Sports Hall of Fame and the North Dakota Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame. Brown coached one year at Fort Riley, Kansas and received an honorable discharge from the U.S. Army with the rank of Sergeant.

He spent five years as an assistant coach at Utah State University and one year at Washington State University.

Athletic & Academic Background
In high school in North Dakota he was the state’s leading scorer in basketball and set the school record in the 440 yard dash.

Brown earned 12 letters in basketball, football and track at Minot State University, making him the schools only athlete to achieve that goal. He received a B.S. degree from MSU and his M.S. degree from the University of Oregon.

Bring Dale Brown to Your Community or Event!

Louisiana State University Coach Dale Brown spearheaded the ticket drive to “feed the hungry” only as Coach Brown can do promoting on television, radio, and arranging for companies to purchase tickets for the upper level. This made for T.V. Game with #2 Georgetown sold 65,913 tickets with the actual game attendance at 54,321 fans. This was a regular season college attendance record at the time. L.S.U. defeated the Hoyas.

“The World would be a lot better place if there were more Dale Browns.”

Larry Vaught UK Sports – August 11, 2015 after Coach Brown’s speaking engagement in Georgetown, Kentucky to raise money for the Tyler Hicks Memorial Scholarship. Coach Brown donated items that sold for $5,000 including premium seats with him at the next Kentucky –LSU game in Baton Rouge.

Dale Brown pictured with his star player Shaquille O’Neal in 2013 when the Lakers played the New Orleans Hornets.

Louisiana College draws record crowd of over 500 to banquet to hear legendary coach Dale Brown speak. Coach Brown is pictured with Louisiana College donor & former LSU Basketball player John Tudor.


“Electrifying is the way I would describe Dale Brown’s magnificent speech I attended, he had the sizeable crowd to the edge of their seats. Having been employed by four of the top Fortune 500 companies in my fifty years in business,I’ve heard many motivational speakers, but none as riveting as his style and delivery.”

John L. Pavlish

“Dale Brown’s presentation at the National Intergovernmental Audit Forum Conference in New Orleans was the best motivational speech that I have ever heard. The fact that he received a standing ovation from a group of governmental auditors—who can be a tough sell—was an outstanding tribute to the message he delivered.”

Charles L. Culkin, Exec. Director Advancing Government Accountability

“Dale’s presentation was inspiring, informative, entertaining and motivating. He kept everyone’s attention, he had them laughing, and touched their hearts. The response from participants reinforces our own observations. We’re hearing words like ‘best ever,’ and ‘great,’ and ‘right on,’ and ‘when can we have him back.’ Simply, he was a hit.”

Dennis W. Stostad, State Farm Insurance Companies

“Everyone was just ecstatic about Dale Brown’s presentation to us in Hawaii. It is one of the finest hours I can remember at any convention I have attended. One of the measures of a speaker that I always use is how well they relate to the group—not from the stage, but on a one-on-one small group basis, before and after the official presentation. Dale passed that test with flying colors! People like to “rub shoulders” with the celebrity, and he was there for them whenever they wanted. Finally, a key element of hiring speakers is the planning state—the speaker and planner discussing the group and the company, philosophies and problems, likes and dislikes. He was one of the best I’ve dealt with as he took the time to visit and get to know me and my group.”

David J. Boyd, Ass’t V.P. Agency Sales Promotion, Physicians Mutual Insurance Company

“Coach Brown spoke at the Naval Academy while I was the Superintendent (President) there, as part of our Forrestal Lectures for our students (called “Midshipmen”). This is our premier lecture series, of which we typically do no more than 4 a year – and the entire student body was in attendance.

Coach Brown’s speech about the “hurdles” in life resonated strongly with our students, and was one of the best received speeches during my time at the Academy. And that’s saying something, given that his competition included President Clinton, Vice President Cheney, and Sheryl Sandberg. The feedback I received was very positive, with many Midshipmen commenting on the Coach’s ability to connect with the younger generation.

It was a privilege having him on campus, and sharing his thoughts on Leadership, Perseverance, and Integrity, metaphors we can all apply in our daily lives.”Mike Miller (former President, Naval Academy)

“Tonight was awesome! Our people loved your word. It was incredible! You impacted all of us. Thank you for leaving a deposit of hope and encouragement. Keep doing what you’re doing. Lives are being changed forever by your influence.”

Coach Dennis Dunn (Louisiana College Football Coach & Athletic Director comments regarding Legendary Basketball Coach Dale Brown speaking at the “Celebration of Football” banquet at Louisiana College on March 4, 2016)
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