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Michelle Manu

A Harvard credentialed lawyer and world-renowned practitioner/instructor of the ancient Hawaiian martial art, “lua” dedicated to helping people unleash their true power

Michelle Manu is a 10th-degree black belt martial artist and instructor of the ancient Hawaiian martial art, "Lua." She has been knighted by the Hawaiian Royal Order of King Kamehameha for her world-renowned accomplishments in "Lua." She is also a lawyer in good-standing with credentials from Harvard University.

Her current focus is on teaching her personally developed modern approach to ancient martial arts training and philosophies to empower people around the world to live their healthiest life, both mentally and physically. Manu helps her students to overcome mental health issues and become more confident by teaching them to unleash their true power.

She is also a highly sought-after lecturer, author, and has had numerous appearances on the large and small screen.

  • Black Belt Martial Artist

  • Knighted

  • Harvard Lawyer

  • Speaker

  • Author

  • Actor