Kim dannettell

Kim Dannettell

Operations and Employee Benefits

Kim Dannettell oversees our internal operations and manages our employee benefit programs. She has been a licensed insurance agent since 1988 and she handles employee benefit programs for small to mid-sized employers and she creates safe money financial strategies for her other clients. Her insurance experience and organizational skills makes her a great resource and member of our team.

Kim has lived cumulatively in Orange County for 30 years and returned to the area last year after living in Loveland, Colorado for 12 years. She has two grown children Sarah (22) and Dillon (18). She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising with a Business minor from the University of Idaho and she has been a licensed agent in the insurance and financial services industry since 1988. She enjoys participating and leading Bible studies at Saddleback church and attending Ducks Hockey games and Angel Baseball games.